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Exclusive Production Music Libraries

Here is a list of some of the Exclusive Production Music Libraries
that represent Jeff's Music Worldwide

Exclusive Production Music library offer the most powerful, inspiring set of production tools possible in a streamlined website.

Strange Fruit New.png

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit includes some quirky and eclectic albums which are rapidly being discovered by increasing numbers of producers who are looking for something that little bit different – so expect the unexpected with Strange Fruit.

RSM New.png

Reliable Source Music

RSM is one of the largest, independent production music catalogues available to the UK’s Creative Media industry. With a large catalogue of music available and the option to have bespoke compositions written, RSM’s music allows pictures to flourish and brings creative ideas to life.

License Music Worldwide: Productions
License Music Worldwide: Productions

Felt Music

Felt Music.png

Felt Music is the most complete music resource available.  Offering a wide range of music that exceeds the expectations set by your budget.

Mode Production Music


Mode Production Music offer world class, fresh and contemporary TV production music. All our composers are full time professionals having an “A List” of worldwide credits and we offer the highest quality music in terms of composition, production, usability and credibility.

Universal Production Music


Universal Production Music catalogue covers all genres, moods, emotions and project types and is created by an ever expanding roster of hugely talented artists and composers around the globe.

FPM Music


FPM Music gives you the best music exclusively on the planet across all genres.

Triumph Music

Triumph New.png

Triumph Music is a proudly independent international production music publisher. Their music is tailor made for use in the media and creative industries, their passion and expertise drives them to consistently deliver great, relevant and memorable music for clients worldwide.

Epitome Music


Where dreamweavers go for inspiration.

We take the word ‘work’ out of the search equation and replaced it with ‘explore’.
The perfect sonic-scape will be illuminated through your review of the EPITOME library.


License Music Worldwide: Productions
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